In addition to our other diagnostic services, Gruda Veterinary Hospital provides veterinary ultrasound services in-house at our Santa Fe, New Mexico, facility.

Veterinary ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging procedure that enables an in-depth view of your pet’s organs. Many times x-rays, which reveal the size, dimensions and position of the organ, are used in combination with an ultrasound. However, the ultrasound can see inside the organs in great detail; the x-ray can only see a rough silhouette.

Veterinary ultrasound is highly useful in evaluating heart conditions (referred to as an echocardiogram) and detecting alterations in abdominal organs such as cysts and tumors. Fine needle biopsies of most organs can be obtained with little or no sedation and submitted for cytology analysis. Sedation is never used on heart examinations. Doppler examination enables the diagnosis of complex congenital heart diseases. Because the information is available in real time, we can often determine outcomes immediately.