At Gruda Veterinary Hospital, we offer several veterinary oncology options to clients whose pets are diagnosed with cancer. Depending upon the type of tumor suspected, we may recommend a procedure to obtain a tumor sample through a fine needle aspiration, a punch biopsy, a tissue biopsy, or a full excision biopsy. In some cases, exploratory surgery or ultrasound may be needed. When this occurs, we send the sample to a specialized laboratory for examination by a veterinary pathologist.

Based on the lab results, there may be several options for your pet. Most commonly, the tumor is removed surgically. Other treatments can be considered for tumors too big or too numerous to be removed, or that are in inaccessible locations. These include drugs (chemotherapy), immunotherapy, and radiation.

Our veterinarians consult with Colorado State University Oncologists on all veterinary oncology protocols performed in-house.

For more specialized cases, or at the client’s request, we refer pets to a veterinary oncology specialist.