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Surgery and Orthopedics

Vet Orthopedics


Gruda Veterinary Hospital offers a state-of-the-art veterinary surgery and orthopedics suite. We provide the best in surgical management and offer the safest anesthetic protocols. Our veterinary surgery and orthopedics capabilities are the result of intensive training, education, and experience.

Surgeries offered at our Santa Fe veterinary hospital include but are not limited to abdominal exploratory surgery, bladder surgery, intestinal resection and anastomosis, amputations, mammary surgery, and many orthopedic veterinary surgery services.


In addition to the general surgical services above, Dr. Gruda provides advanced surgical procedures for his clients and referral veterinarians. Besides the routine training in veterinary school, he has attended dozens of surgical conferences, surgical wet labs, in-surgery training with a surgical specialist, and has over 28 years of experience.  Dr. Gruda also provides overnight/24 hour care and monitoring on orthopedic surgery days.  Some but not all of these procedures include:

*TPLO-for chronic cranial cruciate rupture. Over 1,100 performed to date.

*TTA-also for cranial cruciate rupture.

*TPO and JPS-for hip dysplasia.

*PAUL-for elbow dysplasia.

*MPL-for patients with dislocating knee caps.

*Fracture Repair-for both simple and complicated fractures using ALPS System (titanium implants) and standard stainless steel alloy implants


*Wound Reconstruction

*Arthrodesis/Joint Fusion

*Angular Limb Deformity

*Tendon/Ligament Repair/Reconstruction