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Your pet has undergone general anesthesia which requires an endotracheal tube to be inserted in his/her throat. Some irritation can occur and mild coughing and gagging may result. This should resolve itself in a day or so. If coughing persists beyond 1-3 days, please call our office.

It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions, as closely as possible, following surgery.

Please restrict activity for the next 5-7 days.


Please do not allow your pet to lick or scratch at the incision. Please call the office immediately for suggestions on preventing this problem.

The sutures are intradermal and DO NOT have to be removed. They will dissolve on their own.

Keep the incision area clean and dry. Please monitor the incision site. If any redness, swelling or discharge appears, please call our office.

Give all medicine, as directed, for the length of time prescribed. If any side effects are noticed, discontinue use and contact our office immediately.