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International Health Certificate

Traveling with your pet requires preparation prior to your departure. This can take a few days or up to six months prior to travel. Regulations for a pet traveling outside of the continental United States is governed by the nation the pet is traveling to. Those regulations may change at any time with/ or without notice. The requirements and forms may be complex and not readily available to Gruda Veterinary Hospital. Each country has different requirements, and all have very specific rules regarding examinations, required vaccinations, microchips, microchip placement, vaccine titers, blood tests, parasite testing, signatures, and the timing of each of the these requirements.

We recommended the following steps to determine what will be needed for your travel:

  1. Start your research as soon in advance as possible
  2. Check your destination country’s regulations by going to:

    • For some countries it can take more than 6 months to obtain all the vaccinations, blood tests, and paperwork required.
  3. Confirm regulations of the USDA with regulations of the country’s consulate or embassy website.
  4. Call our hospital to set up an appointment for your International Health Certificate or preparation visit for your travels.
  5. When you come in for your appointment you must bring the following:
    • Your pet
    • The address where you live now
    • The address where you will be staying in the destination country
    • All paperwork, import permits, blood test results that are required for your pet’s travel
    • Copy of vaccination records and rabies certificate if our hospital did not administer
    • Copy of microchip information
  6. Most countries require that the International Pet Health Certificate be endorsed by the USDA office. If endorsement is required you can take by hand or send in your
    paperwork to the USDA. If you elect to send in please allow adequate time for sending in and the return back to you. If you decided to hand deliver to the USDA
    office you will need to set up an appointment. Please contact our local USDA office for further information.

    • USDA- Albuquerque Office
      100 Sun Ave., NE Suite 320-SPRS
      Albuquerque, NM 87109
      Telephone: 505-761-3160
      Fax: 505-761-3176
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